Christmas Wall Clings

This was my first year to sell Wall Clings and I was so happy to receive these photos from the parents of players who received one at Christmas. These make wonderful gifts and the boys love to see themselves in action on the wall - just like the pros!!

It's not too late to order from the Fall Football Season. For more information click here:


So sorry I have been MIA

So sorry I have neglected my blog the last few weeks, I haven't totally been MIA - I have just been posting my photos on my Facebook page for clients and have not had the time to get them posted on here too. If you are not a fan of our facebook page you need to join: It has been very crazy around here and I have been trying to get all my holiday sessions edited and football posters ordered.

Guess God decided he needed to slow me down- on Monday I found out I have a torn meniscus that will require surgery at some point and on Tuesday I found out I have the flu!! Guess I will have plenty of time now to work on updating my site and blog. Something I needed to do anyway...

So stay tuned for the new Winning Moments Photography Blog......I'll let you know as soon as it is finally up and running..I may test out a few different layouts so if it changes on you don't worry you are still on the right blog. And luckily for me I have plenty of Christmas Sessions I still need to share so posts will be plentiful once it is updated.


Life Size Wall Clings

We are now offering Life Size Wall Clings

Wall clings are printed on Reusable Photo Tex paper and are good for indoor or outdoor use. You can move them up to 200 times! Choose your size based on the longest side whether that is tall or wide. The most common size ordered is 48” just to give you an idea of size.

Email for more details. These must be ordered from one of our photos to ensure high enough resolution. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, you will receive a proof before the final printing.

12” $29.99

24” $49.99

36” $64.99
48" $84.99

72” $109.99

Prices include shipping. We accept Cash, check or paypal. A $30 fee will be charged on all returned checks.


Brand New Baby L

Meet Baby L ~ he is less then 24 hours old in these photos. Baby L is the cousin of Miss R from the Sunflower fields post a few days ago. As it turns out I happened to be traveling to the same town that Baby L was being born in. I got to visit with him and his mom the morning after he was born. A healthy baby boy- 8lbs 11 oz and a head full of dark black hair. He brought back so many memories for me of when my little girl was born exactly 3 years ago from the day Baby L was born. She too was born weighing over 8lbs and with a head full of dark hair, now she has beautiful blonde hair!! I'll have to dig up her old baby photos to show you just how much she looks like Baby L. I was only there for a short time so I did not get to meet Baby L's dad or big sis- so Congratulations!


Beach Portraits

It's been a crazy past few weeks around here but I will do my best to get my blog updated with all my recent sessions.

My family spent a week at the Jersey shore the end of July. While there we got to visit with my cousins and their children. It had been 5 years since we were there last so it was crazy to see how much the kids had grown up - of course my son has grown up too- but you just seem to remember the kids as forever the age they were the last time you saw them - then you see a pre-teen walk in the door and you realize that is little "Miss Sydney" only she is anything but little- she is a beautiful teenager!!

While on vacation I had the opportunity to take photos of my cousin's family & her 3 boys. They were so much fun and full of life. I can guarantee there is never a dull moment in her household! Since we don't live anywhere near an ocean these were the first beach portraits I have done. I absolutely love doing beach portraits - there is just something about the feeling that a beach portrait portrays. Next time we make it to the jersey shore I just may have to stay for 2 weeks and book some beach portraits at night! Of course at our rate it is likely to be another 5 years!!


Cousin Family Sneak Peak 2

Part 2- Here are the family portraits! Like I said there were just too many I loved so I had to stop somewhere.


Sunflower Fields

It was a beautiful day in the mid 80's so we decided to take advantage of that and visit the Sunflower Fields. The farmer was so nice he came down and cut some sunflowers for Miss M to take with her - she was so excited as you can see in the photo below - her favorite color is yellow. We had a great time in the fields with all the sunflowers and thankfully the big bugs AKA bumble bees did not bother us at all!

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More Sports Posters

I love making these posters for the players. I love that each poster takes on a personality of itself- I start with my basic idea but then the colors/layout just take on a life of themselves. I can make these from your photos depending on the resolution or I can come out and take photos of your child at his/her game for a small session fee. The turnaround time is about 2 weeks.

Here are some posters I made for Brandon- hope you love them as much as I do!


Happy 4th of July

My first attempt at taking firework photos. These were taken at 55mm, F10-12, bulb setting with a remote on a tripod from across the street.
Note to self next year take a small flashlight so I can see the camera settings to make changes during the show.


31 Flavors

A quick trip to Baskin Robbins for some of her favorite ice cream!! As we were sitting there I realized she had the most beautiful catchlights in her eyes- and then I thought oh perfect for the blog!! So here are some photos of Maddie enjoying her ice cream!


New Custom Posters

I decided while it was in between seasons I would start working on some new poster templates so they would be ready to go for the fall sports season. These could be used for Sports highlights, Senior collages or Baby collages. With just a few minor changes they could be customized to match any team colors. I am really pleased with how they turned out - hope you are too! Remember I can use your photos(depending on size) or mine. Prices start at just $20 for an 8X10


Happy Birthday

Well my son turned 12 this weekend. It is hard to believe he is already 12- although I must admit he looks much older then 12 considering he is already 5'7" and probably taller now since it has been a few months since we last measured him.

Here are some birthday pics from his day! We started the morning by waking him up and opening presents...A tradition in our house is to decorate the birthday person's door frame with streamers...for his birthday he got what every 12 year old wants...a new cell phone!! Although he has had it for a few weeks I still wrapped it back up!! He did not even realize it was missing.

We decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate his birthday since we were going to officially celebrate later this week. So where did he pick...Sonic for a Route 44 Coke & Breakfast Burrito!

The best part of being 12- he can now ride legally in the front seat of our car!! Trust me old habits were easy to break - he has managed to open the front door each time- that back seat door is history!!


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